enjoy life darlings ´͈ ᵕ `͈ ♡°◌̊
I'm sorry for suddenly disappearing, but as you can see, it's time for me to go! I truly enjoyed my time with you all, and I'm very grateful for all of your kindness! Don't get me wrong, I still love anime/manga and cry like a loser but I just don't have anymore reason to stay here! I'm becoming very busy with my daily life businesses that I don't have time to run a blog! I will be keeping my ask on for a month (hover over my queen yuyuka), so if you need anything, like recommendations, resources, questions, or anything about what I used, or how I did something on here, or if you wanna stay in touch with me, feel free to ask my instagram/twitter/snapchat/skype, please don't hesitate at all! Thank you again for everything, I wish you all kind, and sweet people a good life! Do what you enjoy, and enjoy what you do! woo! Stay cute, love a lot! I'll miss you all! —Gabby ♡
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